Between Jams: Doc Josie of the Windy City Rollers

by LeBron Shames Talk about setting derby on fire in one season! Our friend Josie Simonis, also known as Doc Josie, heads to Nashville this week with her team the Windy City All-Stars, to play in the annual WFTDA Championship tournament. We caught up with her before she hits the road to hear more about her very, […]

2013.08.17 – Chicago Bruise Brothers vs. Race City Rebels: Photos, Video

    Saturday, August 17th, the Chicago Bruise Brothers hosted a bout against the Race City Rebels. The Rebels won the bout 375 to the CBB’s 85, but we will be back for more!   Check out bout pictures at: Facebook, via Travis Taylor Photography: Facebook, thanks to David Grelck: Flickr, thanks to David Grelck: […]