Last Saturday, September 7th, we sent five skaters to Sycamore, IL to visit the Kishwaukee YMCA. While we can always use a good workout and swim, we visited to scrimmage women from multiple other local roller derby leagues in a Team Shockwave vs. Team Rolling Thunder event!




Our friends at the Barbed Wire Betties hosted a Summer’s End Invitational Scrimmage and invited members of the Aurora 88s, the River Demons, the Beloit Bombshells, the Chicago Red Hots, the Rockford Rage, the Illinois Valley Vixens, and us!

We sent Bob L. Head, Steampunk Wllie, Lebron Shames, Orange Whip, and Bromanista to scrimmage in a full contact, penalties enforced via pushups, three sets of 30 minutes bout.

Thanks to Dave Schrader (Korfan) for taking photos, and thanks again to the Barbed Wire Betties and all the other local roller derby leagues that came out!



Tag people if you can!




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