Founded in 2011 and based out of the Lombard Roller Rink, the Chicago Bruise Brothers are the premier men’s roller derby league in Chicago. We are a non-profit organization with hi-level competition in the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA). Our fans are loyal and our home bouts pack a full house every time. We are always actively recruiting so please contact us if you are interested in joining.



What is roller derby?

Roller derby is a competitive contact sport played on quad skates. It’s also a lot of fun!  Check out our Rules page for more details!

What if you have never skated before?

No problem! Lucky for you, our coaches have taught people of all ages how to take their first steps on skates – If you have the will to learn, CBB can teach you.

What if you just don’t have the money right now?

We understand that derby is an expensive sport. This is why we try to help newer skaters out by continuing to build our “used gear” collection and our rink allows longer term skate rentals. This way you can still train and enjoy the important parts of the sport without the weight of missing meals or digging in the couch for gas change. We also charge reduced dues for prospective skaters – we try to make this as easy as we can on you because we want you to become one of the Bros!

Want to learn to Ref or be a Non-Skating Official (NSO)?

Great! If you want to become a ref (aka Zebra), we need to make sure you can skate and learn the rules! NSOs certainly don’t have to learn to skate, but you’re welcome to learn to do so as well! Either way, we want you to come to practices and learn from and with us. Illinois has an extensive Zebra community that loves to share opportunities with one another, and this bleeds over into NSO training as well! There are clinics to attend, guest ref’ing or NSO’ing at other bouts, etc. Every league is only as strong as its weakest link and there’s a very good reason the Zebras and NSOs are loved; you guys rock!!

How much time does roller derby take?

Roller derby is a big commitment: it’s like another job. You’ll be encouraged to attend practices totaling about 9 hours per week. We understand that you have a life too, but the more you put into this sport, the more you get out of it! In addition to practices, everyone is expected to work at bouts and other official events and fundraisers (~2hrs per month). On the plus side, you’ll be spending these hours with some of the most awesome people you’ve ever met!

Too much of a time commitment? Consider volunteering with the league as an NSO or help with bout set-up/tear-down and event planning!

What about injuries?

Injuries do happen BUT we work to prevent as many injuries as possible, both on skates and off!  Full protective gear and primary health insurance is required for all skaters. A supply of NSAIDS and flexible gel ice packs for after practice (the ones with elastic, Velcro-closing holders are excellent!) will help with the minor aches and pains of muscle growth and derby bruises!