Interested in joining the Chicago Bruise Brothers? Here’s how!

We have an open rolling recruitment. This means that anyone is welcome to show up at any time to begin their derby career. Because our training is personalized to each skater, no one is ever “behind” – we all develop and learn at different paces. We keep your goals and skating ability in mind every practice!

We typically practice at the Lombard Roller Rink at 201 West 22nd Street, Lombard, IL, every Wednesday from 8:30pm to 10:30pm and Sunday from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

As a skater owned and operated league, we understand the value of a right here, right now attitude; there is no better time to begin! We have open doors and open arms for all of you wanting to become part of this amazing organization.


1. All new potential members must fulfill the following before participating in practice (we have these forms available at the rink):

  • Sign a medical risk waiver
  • Fill out a contact/emergency contact
  • Sign image release

2. All new potential members must have complete safety gear (click for a gear guide!) on before skating. This means helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards and a mouth guard. We have all of this gear available as loaners to get you started (Except mouth guards… bring your own mouth guard)

3. All new potential members may participate in a limited capacity (non-contact) before purchasing WFTDA insurance.

4. Come check us out for free for the first month.

5. All new members must sign off that they have read and will comply with CBB  Policies.

Typical Skater Progression: Attend Meet & Greet recruitment event,  complete paper work, participate in two trial practices, sign CBB Policies, join freshmeat Training, complete  freshmeat Training, take and pass WFTDA Minimum Skill Requirements and written test of the rules of flat track roller derby, play in bouts!

Any other questions? Contact CBB via email  or message us on Facebook!