The Aurora 88s are hosting a double header event this weekend at the Aurora Skate Center. We will be there!





The Chicago Bruise Brothers are opening for the Aurora 88s; we put two teams together, the Rhythm and Bruise and The Slow Jams comprised of men and women.

On Rhythm and Bruise (Black)

Red Alert

Tim Mature

The Mandozer

Frank Broosevelt

Steampunk Willie

Rockman Smash


Lethan Dose

Boobie Trap

Zsadist 2 Rossi

Ruby Bruiz-Her


On The Slow Jams (Blue)

Bob L. Head

Cry Baby Cryer

Princess A. Pauling

Psych & Destroy

LeBron Shams

Orange Whip

Lionel Bitchie

Zero Cool

Echo Dislocation

Demon Cleaner

Miss B. Haven

Pixie Crusher


Join us at the Aurora Skate Center for double header action! The Aurora 88s‘ Original Sin take on the River Demon Roller Girls!

You can purchase tickets here: for $10, or for $12 at the door. Kids 12 and under are FREE!