By LeBron Shames

“Between Jams” is a series in which the Chicago Bruise Brothers feature and interview notable roller derby players from around the world. Today we caught up with a local favorite, Suzie Crotchrot.

So, you went to Austin and played roller derby there. Tell us about that. Austin is to roller derby as Las Vegas is to gambling.  The city is abundant with any and all skating opportunities for every type of derby enthusiast.  It’s all there; flat track, banked track, competitive women/men/junior leagues, rec leagues and pick-up scrimmages.

I knew nothing about Austin when deciding to move there, so I reached out to a league friend, Kat Von Speed, and met Bloody Mary on my second day in Austin at a banked track boot camp and she invited me to come to a TXRG practice that week. I was drafted to the Hell Marys and by the end of my first week in Texas I had some new friends and a new job.

I often comment on how tight the roller derby community is, but I never realized HOW tight it was until I moved.  I received a lot of positive feedback and support from some talented and seasoned skaters.  From training to fundraising, TXRG is on top of their game.

You’re a skilled jammer but hit hard as a blocker, especially for your size. Do you prefer one side of the game to the other?  Haha! So you noticed.  I have predominantly been a blocker for my entire derby career and only within the past 2 seasons have been trying on the jammer cap. I really enjoy and love every moment of brutally blocking the guts out of jammers, but there’s something really humbling and beautiful about jamming.

After living in Austin and losing so much weight from bike riding (20+ miles per day just to get to and from work), my pushes weren’t packing much punch, and my opposition was often twice my size, so I began retraining myself.  I started to pay attention to the physics and angles of roller derby.  I also started to watch hockey more to study the skater’s fluidity and how they hit each other.  It’s really just about timing and hitting them in a weak spot.

Crotch blazing in the jammer cap (photo by Steve Jurkovic Photography)

Name one player from another team you’d wish you could play derby with.  Naming just one player is ridiculous but I’ll go ahead and pick my yellow gypsy brethren Bane-Ana On Skates of the St. Louis GateKeepers.  I’ve known Bane since I started skating and he has repped The Outfit just as hard as we do, if not harder!  Now that he lives closer, I’m SURE he could make it happen sometime.

If Suzie Crotchrot was to join a band, what group would you join? Would you sing, bang the drums, play bass, or what?  Nah. I would just be the roadie for Aphex Twin.  For reasons that are way too obvious.



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