Chicago, IL — The Chicago Bruise Brothers have spent much of 2014 on the road, battling rival MRDA teams from Ohio, North Dakota, Wisconsin and downstate Illinois, while also making the club’s first-ever tournament appearance at Midwest Brew Haha, in Milwaukee.

Next Saturday, September 13, The Bros continue their home season with a bout against Kalamazoo Men’s Roller Derby, from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The double header kicks off at Lombard Roller Rink in Lombard, Ill. with The Chicago Outfit’s Shakedown taking on the Illiana Derby Dames at 6pm, before the men
Line up at 7:30 PM.

Kalamazoo Men’s Roller Derby was founded in February 2013, and play their first road game of Fall 2014 before facing the Cincinnati Battering Rams on September 27.

The Chicago Bruise Brothers kicked off the 2014 home season by hosting Illinois rivals, the Capital City Hooligans. During a hotly contested tussle on April 23, the Bruise Brothers fought off the Hooligans to win 117-108. With the home victory against Capital City, the Chicago Bruise Brothers won the Illinois Cup, and still hold the honor currently. The Bruise Brothers joined Men’s Roller Derby Association as a full-status member at the very end of 2013.

In addition to sanctioned MRDA bouts, The Bros held their first ever coed Summer Scrimmage Series. Men and women from all over the Midwest were invited to play a full afternoon of derby, according to WFTDA/MRDA rules. The Bruise Brothers typically maintain an active scrimmage schedule with other local leagues such as The Outfit and The Bros’ practice partner, the Chicago Red Hots.

This spring, The Bros also got a visit from the Pennsylvania All-Stars, a travel team made up of top WFTDA players such as V-Diva (Philly Roller Girls and Team USA) and Hurricane Heather (Steel City).

To start 2014, the Chicago Bruise Brothers elected two new captains, longtime members Princess A. Pauling and Steampunk Willie. Members of the coaching staff include Val Capone and Abita! Down, who play for both the Windy City Rollers and the Chicago Red Hots; and Lethal Dose, a starting member of The Chicago Outfit’s Syndicate travel team.

While the Chicago’s men’s league has grown and added new members in 2014, there have been some growing pains and player injuries that have challenged staff to make adjustments. But as captain Princess points out, The Bros remain focused on smart moves.

“We’ve been working harder on mental progress than physical progress lately. Games are won and lost due to good decision making and good teamwork out on the track,” he said. Princess also added that advancing the team’s game together remains the Chicago Bruise Brothers’ biggest aim.

“We’re training to be fluid, of one mind, solid together. No one acts alone, our opponent never gets (just) one Brother.”

The Chicago Bruise Brothers practice every Wednesday and Sunday at the Lombard Roller Rink at 201 W 22nd Street in Lombard. If you would like to drop in for a skate or participate in one of our open practices, please email