Please help us congratulate the winners of the 2016 CBB Awards!

Behind the Scenes Wizard: The Mandozer
Official of the Year: Lauryn Ripsum
Best Attitude: Bruise Lee
Team Role Model: Ragna Röcker
110% Award: Ragna Röcker
Best Communicator: The Mandozer
Most Intimidating: Twinkle Beef
Most Intimidating: Psych & Destroy
Rookie of the Year: Bruise Lee
Most Improved: Smacaroni & Up and Adam
Cleanest Skater: Trivy Al Pursuit
Most Dependable: Up and Adam
Utility Player of the Year: Ragna Röcker
Blocker of the Year: Up and Adam
Jammer of the Year: Smokin’ Mirrors
2016 MVP: Ragna Röcker

We would like to thank all participants and volunteers who made the 2016 season so great! See you in 2017!